Positive Change is on the Horizon…

At HALLSTONE LAW, we practice law differently.

Our focal point is on how to help our clients move forward with their lives during a painful and difficult time. We are here to help you and can do so by assisting in resolving conflicts and protecting your relationships –especially with your children. We work with your unique circumstances alongside the law to help bring resolution to your situation. Trying to navigate the legal system alone can be overwhelming and scary and could leave you highly disadvantaged at a crucial time.

We understand the emotionally challenging aspect of family law cases and work with our clients to try to resolve matters quickly and efficiently. In many cases, a negotiated settlement or agreement is the preferred option to litigation. Litigation is most often time-consuming, emotionally draining and expensive. Nonetheless, we are sensitive to the unique needs of our clients and are prepared to advocate for you in court, if the circumstances require it.

It’s time for a new beginning. Let us help you start it.

Separation and Divorce

Know your rights and obligations.

Are you considering divorce?

We handle all aspects of divorce, including separation agreements and the division of marital assets. Let us discuss your options with you.

Custody and Access

Your children need you.

Are you having difficulty seeing your children?

Exceptional circumstances aside, all children need the consistent presence of both parents in their lives. Let us help facilitate that.

Support Orders

You may have certain entitlements under the law.

Are you seeking child or spousal support?

It is important to ensure your financial security and that of your children.


Exciting times lie ahead!

Are you welcoming a child (or children) into your family?

We process both domestic and international adoptions. Let us help bring your family home to you.

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